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How to Be a Rockstar Portfolio Manager

Managed futures is the world’s most uncorrelated investment category for a very specific reason. This web site provides outreach opportunity for managed futures appetence level as well as master level, all in a private environment.

This web site provides education in alignment with the P(A|B) Method. The P(A|B) Method first focuses on the beta performance drivers impacting the investment and then uses this as an overlay to understand risk and reward potential in the managed futures investment. The P(A|B) Method is leveraged for both initial analytical due diligence as well as ongoing investment management.

This web site provides educational opportunities as well as ongoing tutoring and consulting and is available on a free trial basis and requires registration.

Those new to managed futures may wish to consider the "Educational Archive" section to receive education regarding the investment category, or visit the "Live Chat" page for interactive education with the author and other top industry consultants in real time. Knowledgeable investors may wish to receive investment recommendations and education through the "Needs Analysis" application and consider "CTA Video Interviews" with a select sampling of the top alternative investment minds in the industry.

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Reader Testimonials

“(Mark Melin’s book) High-Performance Managed Futures gives all investors critical insights into an innovative style of investing that cannot be misunderstood,”

Michael Covel, author, Trend Following, The Complete Turtle Trader

“Once again, during times of crisis, managed futures has delivered as an investment. High-Performance Managed Futures is a must read for qualified investors and financial advisors.”

Jon Sundt, President, Altegris Investments

“Mark Melin has written an authoritative and insightful book on managed futures. All investors who seek to diversify portfolio risk should have this on their bookshelf.”

Dr. Hossein Kazemi, CAIA Education Program Chair

"I am writing to congratulate you on the Opalesque Futures Intelligence which you published regarding managed futures. I have been in the industry for some 20 years and this is one of the best pieces I’ve seen."

Bob Lerner, CEO,
Ruvane Fund Management Corporation

"Congrats on putting yet another "top-shelf" platform. During these times, increasingly, we do not need "more information" , we need "better information with perspective", and this seems to be one of the finer remedies available. Keep it coming."

Serhan Secmen,
Citi Alternative Investments

"Congratulations on the launch of Opalesque Futures Intelligence, I expect it will become the industry benchmark."

David G. Mather,
Integrated Asset Management

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