Uncorrelated Investments Show

Uncorrelated Investments Show

Managed Futures Insider Report

Market Force of Trend:  In the last published report (below) we said: “For trend followers been watching the price persistence in KC wheat, note that trend depth level gauges are starting to weaken.”  In this report we note that gold [...]

MF Global and PFG: The Lasting and Widespread Stain on CTAs / CPOs

James A., who wishes to remain anonymous,  was an emerging Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) with a bright future.  A quant and trading application developer, he established his public investment CTA product in 2008 with a partner, according to regulatory records.  [...]

Jerry Parker on Managed Futures Fees, the Name and Marketing a Misunderstood Industry

Jerry Parker of Chesapeake Capital is not soft spoken regarding marketing of trend following vs “managed futures,” a name he says holds back the asset class. Mr. Parker considers “managed futures” a name devised by FCMs who charged excessive fees [...]

What is The Appropriate Process For Selecting a Managed Futures Investment?

Investing in a managed futures investment program can be significantly different from traditional hedge fund / alternative investing.  To some, the required education process can be a foreboding task because the variables are new.  Depending on the evaluation and ongoing [...]

Can Market Volatility Be Predicted? I say no; Scott Reamer, CIO at volatility trading program Rotella Chora, disagrees

Unfamiliar to even many sophisticated asset managers, volatility investing provides unique opportunities for risk management and market understanding. Volatility investing involves trading programs based on market price volatility.  The primary volatility market is based on the stock market, but variations [...]