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Can The Next Flash Crash Be Better Managed With a Volatility Interruption Algorithm? Does Eurex Exchange have the answer?

A significant issue with High Frequency Trading (HFT) has always been defining the activity and related behavior during times of crisis. “The issue is HFT impact on market stability,” noted Dr. Randolf Roth, Head of Market Structure for the Eurex [...]

What’s Missing in the Debate over Residual Interest Income: Monopolistic Control Over Futures Industry Brokerage

While it sounds mundane, the “Residual Interest Income” issue has the potential to literally change the face of the regulated derivatives industry. In just one line of a massive Dodd Frank bill with unnecessary complexity and obfuscation, large bank interests [...]

Hedge Fund Legend Stanley Druckenmiller Talks Debt Crisis Truth

Hedge fund legend Stanley Druckenmiller made a rare appearance on CNBC to discuss the debt crisis with Maria Bartiromo, who appeared to keep pace with him step for step. Mr. Druckenmiller has been talking the debt crisis about the debt crisis [...]

NFA Board Holds Off Lifetime Ban On Jon Corzine… For Now

The National Futures Association Board of Directors did not immediately act on a motion to ban former MF Global CEO Jon Corzine for life, but left open to possibility of the self regulator taking action after ongoing investigations currently underway [...]

Documenting the Journalistic Tone Regarding Financial Crimes & MF Global

It took 60 minutes (CBS) and Frontline (PBS) to publicly document what had been known to many inside the derivatives industry. In 2008 derivatives crime that cost the US economy $12.8 trillion were not prosecuted.  But worse yet, these crimes were not [...]