Recommendation: Invest in Short Volatility CTAs

I’m making a recommendation for aggressive asset managers to invest in short volatility options programs with a separate trend following hedge exposure.

Below is the first such recommendation.  Other recommendations will follow tomorrow.


Global Sigma      $66 million AUM

Duration of Audited Track Record: 2009

YTD Performance +5.19%

Compounded Annual Return: 18.88%

Worst Drawdown: 1.55%

Monthly STD: 0.83

Link to their performance in the Opalesque Managed Futures database:

Comments: I personally know Hanming Rao, the trading manager.  Hanming has a PhD from Harvard and used to work at SAC Capital.  There are several pros and cons with this CTA.  The main concern is that the CTA strategy has not experienced significantly negative equity market volatility regimes, which makes study of his performance numbers less than optimal. 

Below are highlights from his Opalesque Performance Report:


Statistical Analysis

Return Distribution
Best month: 3.89% Worst month: -1.55%
Number of positive months: 42 Number of negative months: 2
Average monthly gain: 1.57% Average monthly loss: -0.99%
Arithmetic mean: 1.46% Median: 1.44%
Compounded monthly return: 1.45% Percentage of positive months: 95.45%
Annualised Return: 18.92% Return Since Inception: 88.76%


Return Aggregation
Compounded Return (Last 3 months): 3.47% Compounded Return (Last 12 months): 14.08%
Worst Drawdown: -1.55%


Risk Analysis
Standard deviation: 0.83% Volatility (annualized): 2.87%
Upside Deviation: 0.72% Downside Deviation: 1.4%
Downside deviation for MAR=3%: 0.29%
Skewness: -0.64 Excess Kurtosis: 4.2


Risk/Return Analysis
Sharpe Ratio for RFR=3%: 1.46% Sharpe Ratio for RFR=3% (annualized): 5.05%
Sortino Ratio for MAR=3%: 4.13% Sortino Ratio for MAR=3% (annualized): 14.3%
Gain to loss ratio: -1.59% MAR Ratio 57.26%
Calmar Ratio: 40.43% Sterling Ratio: -158.63%


Alpha: 1.48 Beta: -0.03
Correlation vs. MSCI: -0.15


Here is the CTA’s relative exposure:

Volatility 7 1 2013






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